Chery Super Performance Electric Hybrid C-DM Continues the Legend of Technical Chery

Powertrain has always been Chery's technology benchmark, which means Chery is not only an automobile company, but also a powertrain technology company. Through continuous R & D and innovation, Chery has always been leading in the industry; Chery has mastered the cor...


Chery enters a new track with third-generation PHEV technology shining at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 18th, the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition opened grandly at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At the world's largest and most influential international A-class auto show, Chery Motors released its third-generation...


Chery ACTECO confirms productions specifications of new DHT Hybrid system: Three Engines, Three Gears, Nine Modes and 11 Speeds

Chery, China’s leading vehicle exporter and a global leader in propulsion technology, has confirmed the specifications of its new-generation hybrid system. The DHT Hybrid system sets a new stand...


KUNPENG 2.0 TGDI Was Shortlisted For Special Jury Prize BY 2021 China Auto Award Ceremony

The release ceremony of the shortlist of 2021 China Auto Award Ceremony, hosted by China Media Group (CMG), took place in Jiangsu Province on March 6. Tiggo 8 of KUNPENG version received has become one of the finalists of this competition with its advantages in technolog...


Chery 2.0 TGDI Engine Wins 2021 Engine Award

Recently, the 2021 "China Heart" Top Ten Engines were announced. After strict review by the jury, Chery 2.0 TGDI engine won the 2021 "China Heart" Top Ten Engines Award, which once again proved that Chery has the global leading R&D and manufacturing strength in the e...


Chery ACTECO Persists in Independent Innovation, Achieving “the Strongest Power in China”

"Technology" has always been the core brand label of Chery, which is called "Technology Chery”. Since its establishment, Chery has persisted in independent innovation and developed ACTECO series engines, among which a total of six models have been selected as "Top Ten En...

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