Why Acteco

Product development

After years of development, ACTECO has formed a complete power system forward development system covering engine development, hybrid gearbox development, key component design, powertrain integration matching development, and full life cycle quality management.


Quality Assurance


Have advanced combustion system development capability to continuously improve engine thermal efficiency;



CAE simulation capabilities: with more than 10 kinds of professional analysis software to achieve nearly 100 design analysis capabilities;



Complete engine NVH development capabilities;

Perfect power system test,
and verification ability

Product Verification

At present, ACTECO has complete power system test development and verification capabilities, covering system component development test, complete machine function, reliability and durability test (supporting traditional powertrain, 48V, PHEV and HEV power systems). The company's test and development department currently has more than 30 testbeds, and its main equipment is imported from AVL Company. Currently, the entire power system laboratory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters. According to different areas of the laboratory, it is divided into two areas, which can complete all kinds of tests for the development of all power system products.

Product Verification

Product Verification

Engine Bench Test Support

— Performance Test
— Reliability Test

Calibration Engineering Support

— Engine Bench Calibration
— Vehicle Calibration

Product Verification

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